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10 points to consider while choosing a College in India

It’s really important to choose a right college as it’s going to help you in shaping your career and achieve your Goals. I have listed 9 points to think about before making your decision. You need to prioritise these points as per your circumstances and career goal.

1) University Affiliation 
Some colleges are fake and they are there just to make money. For short term profits they take affiliation of some unknown university or in some cases even affiliation is not there. Students of these new colleges sometimes could not even complete their degree course. And even if they complete their degree is not valid ( not accepted in market). We read such cheating /fraud colleges news every year, but still ever year some new college starts to fool students. So be aware of such new colleges and their attractive courses. Don’t even fall in their trap of discounts in fees.  Make sure that the college you are choosing is affiliated to some recognised university which is known to companies for placement and to entire world if you are planning to go abroad for higher studies.

2) Teaching Quality
It’s really difficult to get good teachers in colleges. In some colleges teaching faculty include freshers who do not have much teaching experience, some of them work on contract basis with low salaries, some don’t have the will to develop next generation. Sometimes teachers are not even able to solve student’s doubts. Some reputed colleges have experienced staff but many a times they act very strict and don’t help students to improve their drawbacks. In Some colleges they focus only on scholar students and ignore weak students to showcase their results. That’s the reason in a country like India Coaching classes are popular.

So join that college which has good teachers who know how to teach and are willing to help students. Otherwise join coaching classes for knowledge and  some average college which is nearby your home, not strict on attendance and gives good marks.

 3) Placements 
That’s the ultimate goal for most of the college students. Some colleges take extra efforts and arrange campus placements for students. Campus in college is the best and easiest way for students to get the job. Later on it becomes difficult to search and get job on your own. Students of other colleges, that do not provide placements, have to struggle to get job. There are placement agents  and websites which will help you to get the job. But it’s better to get it in campus and sooner is better. So take admission in that college which has good placements.

4) Marks
In over populated country like India it’s really a rat race. Marks have become more important than knowledge or skills. It’s really  sad that students have become marks oriented rather than knowledge oriented. They will pay attention in class only if it’s important for exam.  Some colleges are very strict on giving marks to students as they don’t want to give marks easily. On the other hand some colleges give good marks( better than what student deserves) to maintain their college results. Marks are important for taking admission to higher studies and sometimes even for Job.  Most of the multinational companies demand first class from students during placements. So colleges giving more marks in internals and practical exams are preferred.

5) Attendance
Some colleges are strict about your lecture attendance. When teachers don’t teach well, students feel it’s a waste of time to attend their lectures and thus bunk classes. But then these strict teachers will not allow you for practical if you don’t attend their lectures or they will deduct your marks in internal / practical exam. Whereas some colleges are lenient on this matter. They don’t mind students remaining absent. Such colleges are preferred by students as it saves their college time which they can invest for their self study or other activities.

6) Fees
Though University mentions standard fees for every course, it has been observed that colleges vary in their Fee structure. They charge you extra for laboratory, placements or it’s preparation, uniform, extracurricular activities, compulsory study trips, building fund, etc. Everybody may not be financially sound to pay for all those additional things. At the same time some colleges do give instalment facility for paying college fees. The time when children go to college most of their parents are in retirement phase, also there can be siblings who are studying for which they will also needs funds. So choose college as per your financial conditions. It’s not matter of 1 year, it’s 3 to 5 years depending on your course. Circumstances in family change over period of time and college fees may increase every year.

7) Course conduction
University gives syllabus and guidelines for conducting the course but then it all depends on colleges how to implement it. In some colleges they don’t even teach complete syllabus but give marks to keep students happy and maintain results of their college. On the other hand in some colleges teachers/department go out of way and conduct lot of activities for students to develop student’s abilities.

Colleges in India have become a good business. They focus on only giving education (Quality? ) and least bothered about products they are creating. What about huge crowed passing out every year from these numerous colleges? Do they get Jobs?? 80% don’t as these students are not employable. There are some good colleges who try to make students job ready. They arrange extra sessions for aptitude, interview practice, improving communication skills,etc. These sessions really help students in getting job. Very few colleges or departments even encourage students to start their own business. Teachers of these colleges go out of way and help students in achieving their  career goals.

And What about Extracurricular activities ? Only books or teachers don’t teach you. The personality of student develops in college environment. In Some colleges teachers don’t want additional responsibility so apart from teaching syllabus they don’t encourage any extracurricular activities. Whereas some colleges arrange annual social gathering, trips, days n parties for students to mix with each other and learn to handle social responsibilities. Such colleges even share responsibilities with students and ask them to manage these events.  To develop student’s personality in 360 degrees, join that college which offers lot of extracurricular activities. Mix fun with learning and create memories to cherish in your old days.

8) support from teachers
To solve their financial problems, some students earn and learn. For them Job or their business is most important for their life. Sometimes it’s a survival issue. Due to their job they may not be able to attend lectures or sometimes even practicals. In this scenario you should talk to teachers before taking admission and check how flexible they are on attendance and how they can support you. Another possibility is what if you are hospitalised for long time and due to which you missed college. Are teachers willing to give you extra time to teach you what you missed?
So, Don’t choose strict college, instead Prefer a college which is willing to help you.

9) Distance / location of college
New colleges open in new areas which are usually far from city Considering traffic in your city, check how much time you will be spending in travelling? Everyone gets 24hrs in a day and we need to make best use of it. Though your college is good but if it is far, you will spend more time in travelling, in turn you will get less time for self study, assignment completion, preparation for exam/job,etc. You might lag behind and to cope up you might have to bunk college, which might affect your internal exam marks.

10) Crowd
Last but not the least it’s important to know how’s the crowd in that college where you will be spending golden period of your life. crowd defines the standard of that college. Based on how’s your personality, financial condition, academics; you need to check is that college compatible with you? Will you be able to easily mix easily with others and learn, perform and excel in that college? Think !! Will you really get what you want from that college or will you be just wasting your time in bothering about some unnecessary things.

So, Does College really matter?
If Placement is your goal then remember it totally depends on individual ( skills, abilities, knowledge, aptitude,etc..) College can at the most give you a platform for placements.

Now before choosing college meet seniors or current students of that college and take their feedback on all above points and then decide your college.


Should I take Admission to Autonomous college ??

The Final year Results are out !! Like every year students started asking me questions related to their career and higher education. This year, a frequently asked question by my students is “Should I take admission to FC or MIT for post graduation?”

A current trend in education is that famous colleges under Pune University are becoming autonomous and are taking freedom to design their own syllabus and way of implementing it. It’s not new concept as Bharti was the first in Pune then Symbiosis and then COEP did it. Following their footsteps now Ferguson and MIT are going on same track.

For admission it’s difficult to take a call at the moment as this is their first year. According to me those who wish to take admissions to these autonomous colleges FC or MIT should go ahead because of following points :
– Compare their syllabus with Pune University. It’s better than Pune University.
– Their placement will be same as it was due to efforts taken by the college and brand created in market.
– Another thing is because it’s their first year, they will have to give their best to prove their quality and get more admissions in future.

The only hitch is, these colleges(now Universities) may not be famous internationally or may not have world ranking like Pune University. Pune University is famous all over the world and is known as Oxford of the east.

After all Quality of education depends on how that college delivers it and it mainly depends on their teachers. I hope colleges like Ferguson and MIT will maintain their quality of education.
Last but not the least, it also depends on that student as a individual How much s/he has interest in learning, willing to study and develop his/her abilities and skill set to match with industry requirements.
Remember !!  college or educational institute alone can not do anything.
Good Luck !!

Waiting for Job Call ?

ConfusedSituation : Got an offer letter from Company but waiting for their call to Join !!
Recently such students met me and were discussing their problem with me to find out what they can do?
When they came, I found they were Panic, so I thought of writing this post for all such fresher students who are in same situation.
Guys, First thing is Don’t Panic!!
Since 1st Standard U were into scheduled life and suddenly after so many years U r facing this blank period of Life, where U have nothing to do.
Some students are tensed as their friends have gone ahead on their track. Some have started their jobs,some have joined their family business and others started their higher education. what about me ????
Seating Idle 😦
Pls try n understand the situation, God has given U something that U will crave for in future…… the time.
U don’t have to Run because others are running!! isn’t it?
Now the question is how do I fill this undefined blank period?
I m suggesting U few options :

option A)

Once U start working, U will never get holidays till U retire. So do whatever U wanted to Do in ur life that U couldn’t do it earlier due to ur busy academic schedule. I am sure once ur job will start again U will become busy and will not get enough time for ur things. Go for long trip, learn guitar, work out( build ur body), go for trek, read books which U wanted from long time, learn cooking (will be really useful for whole life), play sports, learn swimming, photography, etc… do what U love to Do.

option B)

Go for Higher Education if U really want to study. U can take admission to Post Graduate course at any college where U will be allowed to remain absent (when ur job starts) and appear directly for exam. Do that course sincerely till U get ur job call. Once the job starts, complete this course externally in ur own pace along with ur job. Advantage of this option is U will not feel left out as U r studying with ur friends, U will eventually complete ur Post Graduation. And most important thing, in case if U don’t like ur job profile or company location then U can leave that Job and continue ur education. U can try for other job during ur PG

option C)

In case if U don’t want to do post graduation or invest so much time of ur life then U can do some small course like web development or mobile app development(android). You can either do it from some institute or u can learn on ur own from books or internet. The risk side is whatever you are learning might go waste as it may not be required for ur job and if u don’t use it, eventually U will forget it. But if u r tech savvy then U will at least get a happiness of learning something new.

option D)

 In case if U don’t wish to invest money or time in any course then U can try getting job in other company. Go for their test and walk-in interviews. If U like new company/location/job profile, U can continue with new company and forget waiting for old job call. If U don’t like new company, U can leave it as soon as U get a call from old company. In this option U will not loose money, rather U will earn money, gain more knowledge while working and get experience of work environment.

So, now it’s up to U, How would U like to spend ur blank time.

Don’t Worry!! One day, U will get ur job call and then ur life will become busy again.

Be +ve, think +ve ( Don’t listen to any rumor or believe on their negative statements)

Be Happy 🙂

How to Study?

Create your own study plan and follow it

There cannot be generalized schedule for all as everybody has different studying styles which they have developed eventually. Some students prefer studying in early morning whereas others might prefer studying in night. So don’t follow somebody’s schedule, create your own as per your studying habits.

theonethingHere are a some tips for making your study schedule:

  • Arrange your subjects in descending order of difficulty. Give high priority for difficult subjects.
  • In your schedule don’t allocate equal time to all subjects. Allocate more time for difficult subjects and less for easy subjects. What is easy or difficult will vary individually depending on their ability, interest and IQ.
  • Don’t plan tight schedule as it will be difficult to follow. Keep it loose by keeping time margin for dynamic activities/emergencies which cannot be foreseen while planning.
  • Different subjects require different types of skills. So schedule subjects as per your abilities keeping in mind your strength and weakness.
  • Do maths or Solve problems in afternoon or night when you feel sleepy.
  • Do theory subjects when you weak up as your mind is sharpest a few hours after waking up. .

Anyone can make a schedule, but not everyone will commit to it. Setting a schedule for study will be useless if you don’t commit to it. When it comes to study, students experience commitment issues because they have so many distractions. Commitment takes discipline and dedication.

Organize your study area

When your study area is organized, you spend more time on productive activity. You don’t waste time looking for notes, pen, etc.. While studying, searching for items will not only waste time but will add to stress. When you feel stressed, your mind rationalizes that you should relax. This opens you up for distractions.

While studying you might need books, notebooks, Question bank, previous year Question papers, Paper solutions, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, marker, high lighter, post it notes.

Some times studying for long hours at same place in same position can be boring and create problems like backache. So have 2-3 alternative places for studies like chair, floor, bench, steps (avoid bed as you might feel sleepy).

Find a place to study with as few distractions as possible. Everyone may not like same studying environment. So whatever settings (table, chair, head phones, lights, etc..)  you need for studying put it in place before study. Just make sure that when you sit down in your study area the only next step is to study.

Use “Focus Blocks”

A focus block is a time period that covers your maximum focus on an activity. The duration of a focus block varies from person to person. Whatever your focus block is, dedicate that time period only for study. For example, if you believe your focus block is good for 60 minutes, study without any interruption for one hour. This means no water or bathroom breaks. You must only study!

Keep some realistic target before you start a focus block, like reading X number of pages or solving X problems or covering X topics. At the end of the focus block, check did you achieve your objectives? In case not then try to extend the focus block till you complete your target. While setting target make sure it is achievable in that time period.

On successful completion of your target, reward yourself with a few minutes of unrelated activity. You may check your smart phone, get a snack or take a nap. The purpose of having free time is to “reset” your mind for the next activity. As a general rule, the length of free time must not exceed 1/3 of your focus block. If the length of your free time is more than 1/3, you risk being distracted or side-tracked. To avoid this set alarm for break time to remind you when your break is over and get back to studies.

During Focus block, switch off your mobile phone and TV. Read my another blog post “Digital distractions for studies

Tips for studying:

  • While reading text/reference books make your own notes, highlight important points in your book/notebook which will be useful for your next reading.
  • For each topic/chapter make 1 paper note which can be used for quick revision before exam.
  • Use different colours while creating notes. Use different colours as per importance of that point. Everybody likes colourful notes as compared to monotonous black n white text from books.
  • For subjects like mathematics, Don’t read problem solutions, solve it. At least solve 1 problem of each pattern.
  • For theory subjects, if time permits try to write down whatever you have learnt. Do not write that topic immediately after reading it. Allow some time to forget and then try to write it. This will give you more confidence. Those who only read theory get sometime blank during exam as they don’t remember anything

Group studies

Sometimes it’s boring to study alone at one place. Also you need help for understanding some topics or solving problems. Your friends are best source for such help. For that you can do group studies. Drawback of group studies is more time is wasted in other discussions than studies so objectives are not achieved. So limit your time for group studies for example 2 hrs a day. Choose your least productive time for group studies, so even if you waste it you will not lose much.  If you are not achieving your goals of group studies then better stop it.
Another idea is to join different online groups or forums where you will get answers of your questions without wasting much of your time.

Sleep sufficiently

During exam time students tend to sit late night or have night outs for studies. Which should be avoided. As you study for longer time as compared to regular days, your brain gets stressed and fatigue. So you feel more sleepy during exam time. You need minimum 7 Hrs of sleep every day, out of which my suggestion is to sleep for  6 Hrs in night and 1 Hr in day time in between focus blocks. Taking power nap is good because it allows your mind to recover. So you can have 30min. two naps or 15 min. 4 naps during day time.

Eat properly

Don’t eat more less times, rather eat less more times. Eating more at one time will make you feel sleepy. Read my another blog post “Special care for Exam time“.


Exercise helps blood circulation. You are able to think and function better when blood is circulating efficiently throughout your body. Another benefit of exercise is its ability to manage stress. A nice long walk is a good way to clear your mind and focus on finding solutions.

When to exercise? There really is no ideal time. It depends on where you can comfortably fit it in your schedule. Make sure that you exercise for 20 minutes every day. Don’t do any heavy exercise after which you will exhaust, drain out and feel sleepy. Prefer light exercise like swimming, walking, Yoga, etc..  Remember healthy body will lead to healthy mind.


Digital distractions for Studies


1-7When you are preparing for exams, you need to focus on your studies. But lot of students can’t focus due to digital distractions like TV and mobile. These days people are dependent on different gadgets, especially students are addicted to games and different social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp. During your regular school/college days it’s ok but then this is the time you get addicted to these media and can’t be away from them during exam time.

Country like India where Cricket is another Religion, people leave everything else and watch cricket matches like world cup, T20, IPL which are mostly scheduled during exams. It’s very difficult to focus on studies during match time, especially when  your country is playing.
Some Tips for avoiding distractions while studying :

  • Don’t look at your mobile after every 2 minutes checking facebook/whatsapp notifications. Better switch off your mobile & TV when you are studying. If you cannot control yourself then better give your mobile to somebody for study time and take it back in break time.  So that there will not be any disturbances during studies.
  • cricket--621x414Cricket matches !! I don’t understand why? but every year in India, we have good cricket tournaments which are arranged during exam time. Most of the boys are cricket fans and follow these matches very closely. It’s good that now they moved to 20-20 instead of 5 days test cricket. Some students get excited every time when they hear about some big shots (4/6) or wickets and run to watch replay on TV. While you are studying but your mind is still on the cricket pitch. SO it’s better to  switch off TV during study time,, if you can’t switch off due to other family members then sit somewhere where you will not hear TV noise. If there is no such place then use head phones and play instrumental/soft music to override TV noise. If you are very keen about that match then use your break time to watch TV. Better idea is just watch last 15 minutes of match which is normally a climax to enjoy. Instead of running to TV after every 5 minutes, better watch complete match but in that case study whole day. You can use this as a carrot for your self-motivation. Promise your self that if you complete this topic or this much of syllabus then you will be watching complete match. Another idea is to decide percentage, like : to watch X minutes of match you need to complete X pages/topics. Or other way round, decide how much time you can watch match depending on how much you studied that day and how much is remaining before exam.exam time
  • Don’t study continuously for 4-5 hours. Take small breaks after long study hours. For example, if you are studying for 10 hours in a day then make some pattern like 2 hrs study then 15 min break. During break time, You decide whether you want to watch TV or mobile(Facebook or whatsapp). DO whatever you like but in restricted time.
  • Avoid online chatting with friends as it’s difficult to stop. Avoid making any controversial comment that will lead to further debate/arguments and waste ur more time. Avoid harsh comment that will hurt somebody. Also avoid getting into any emotional issues. Sometimes during chat we say something and other person take it in different way, which again needs more time to clear their misunderstanding. Anyways, Don’t extend your break time for any reason, if you do so then reduce your next break time.
  • During break time Avoid playing games on mobile or computer which will further strain your eyes.
    Instead indulge yourself into real games/sports like swimming, badminton, etc… Due to physical activities, You will burn some calories and keep your body healthy. But keep some time restrictions, say 20 to 30 mins a day. Also avoid risky games and sunny time ( outdoor sports). Make sure that You should not get exhausted or out of energy after game. No need of heavy Gym activities, power Yoga is enough.
  • Don’t watch TV, or use facebook/whatsapp when you are tired or stressed out due to studies. You will strain your eyes and brain more. Better have power nap(sleep for 15-20 min.) and get ready for next session. You will find yourself more fresh and recharged for next study session.
  • You can use digital media constructively like watching technical/study related videos on Youtube without getting distracted to other non study related videos. You can have study related chats with teacher or scholar friend for solving your doubts. Instead of online chatting, it’s better to post your doubt on technical forums and check other’s response after some time. This will save your time.
    Those who don’t understand how to study? can read my another blog post “How to study ?

    Write in comments, what are your distractions for studies? I will try to help you to overcome it.
    Also share your ideas which you use to overcome these distractions during studies.

Special Care during Exams

It’s Exam time, take care of Ur Health
You have studied whole year and now it’s time to express your knowledge. Every exam I find some good student losing their academic year as s/he could not appear for exam due to medical reasons. So it’s time to take care of your health. Following are some tips for YOU :

  • Drive Safe and avoid accidents
    – Drive Slow and follow traffic rules especially on signal.
    – Wear helmet
    – Don’t use mobile(call/msg/whatsapp) while driving or crossing road.
  • Avoid going outside in hot sunny time 12 to 4pm.
    – Wear sun cap/scarf, sun glasses if U have to go.
    stylish hat woman sunglasses and tablet fashion scarf over wooden table
  • Drink more water to avoid dehydration.
    Prefer more liquid food than solid.
  • Don’t eat outside, as we don’t know what quality of ingredients they use.
    – Avoid very cheap food like 5Rs. Juice or 5Rs. Wada pav.
    – To save money, carry home food ( Tiffin).
    – Outside you can have coconut water or butter milk.





  • Instead of eating more.. less times, Eat less more times. When U eat more U tend to feel sleepy and will not be in mood to study. thali
    – If you go to hotel then avoid Thali or buffet system as you tend to eat more, so prefer ala carte menu (as per order).
    – Avoid too much eating in marriages and Reception.
  • DO light Exercise everyday at east for 20 minutes a day. It’s PL ( preparation leave) during which most of the students just eat, study n sleep. Which increases your weight and you feel sluggish.
    – Swimming will be best exercise in hygienic pool. Avoid unhygienic public pools which might attract contagious disease.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes as it will help in improving your concentration.
  • Avoid eating very spicy food, especially non vegetarian.


  • Even Avoid eating  sweets, especially on festival days.
  • Prefer eating fruits instead of juice. Prefer juicy fruits like watermelon.







  • avoid too many Energy drinks like Red bull.
    – Strictly avoid consuming alcohol during exam days.
  • Avoid frequent night outs. Sleep for 7 hrs. You need more sleep during exam time as you study more, your brain gets fatigue. If required take power nap in afternoon, You will feel fresh for your next study session.After all  healthy body and healthy mind  will give you better Results.

    You also might like to read my another blog post “How to study ?” and “Digital Distractions for studies “

Tips for Beach Trips


I was shocked when I read this news “Pune’s 14 college students lost their lives on Murud beach” 😦
whose Responsibility it was ?
who allowed this trip OR teachers who were there to manage this trip n take care of students OR  students who always do what they want to do OR their parents who allowed their children for this trip ????  Now there is no point in discussing all this.

It was a college trip and I am taking such trips for many years. All these trips create memories for your LIFE, but accidents may happen especially when it’s group tour. Nobody can control each and everything. Still as a individual we need to be careful during trip.
For safe trip, I am sharing some tips with you :

  • If you are going for water sports, make sure you wear life jacket ( ask them ). They must have it and If they don’t have then better avoid them.IMG_20160116_114442
  • Don’t force others to come in deep water. Let them take their own judgement. Many a times it’s a peer pressure due to which even non swimmers go in deep water to show off how much they can dare.
  • Don’t go in deep water even if you are swimmer. Remember it’s a sea and not a swimming pool. Swimming pool has life guard support whereas our sea has no life guards available on beach (some beaches in GOA, India do have Life guards). Also there is different effect of high/low tide in sea which we don’t experience in swimming pool.  In case of low tide if you go in deep water and if water starts fetching you inside then it will be difficult for life guards or near by people to save you. Also it will take lot of time to reach you as you went in deep water.
  • Avoid risky plays in Sea. Teenagers n specially boys tend to make groups and target somebody and try to drown them for fun. Remember Your fun can take somebody’s LIFE.IMG_1973.JPG
  • Try to be in clear visible distance of your group members and group leader/teacher. Sometimes couple tend to go far from groups to achieve privacy.
  • Don’t go alone. Inform your group leader or senior person with whom you are going.
  • Be careful while taking photo.
    Now a days people are selfie/photo freak. Many a times to get different photo than others people take risk to get that special shot which may turn to be your life’s last shot.
  • Drink more water to avoid dehydration and cramps.
    It’s commonly found that people get cramps especially  in water. It’s mainly because before going in water, people play on beach for long time which dehydrates your body. On many beaches drinking water is not available and it’s available people don’t want to spend money for water. So carry your own water bottle on beach and keep drinking water regularly. Prefer coconut water which is radially available near beaches.
  • Always listen to locals. They know that sea/beach very well and experienced it from years. so take local tips from them.
  • Avoid going to beach/sea in afternoon from 11am to 3pm.
    Normally many one day trips reach beach destinations in afternoon and they have to return back in evening, so only time they have is afternoon on beach.  Best time to go on beach/sea  is morning 6-10 or in evening 4 to 6:30.
  • Wear sun caps or hats , sun glasses (goggles) if You have to go on beach in afternoon. Apply sunscreen cream to avoid sun burn and sun strokes.
  • Avoid going in sea in nights (after dark ) as it will be difficult to locate you if something goes wrong.
  • kids MUST be accompanied by adults if kids want to go in water and adults must supervise them while kids are playing on beach. You never know when they will run towards water.
  • In case if someone is drowning then try to give them rope or scarf and pull them near shore. Avoid going near them as drowning person is in panic mode and will hold you tightly to save him/her self, as a result You will also start drowning due to load.
  • If you are trip leader then you should have first aid and basic rescue techniques which are immediately required till paramedical / rescue team arrives.
  • Trip leader should also carry whistle to signal your group members who are going far, controlling crowed and to ask for help.

Hope above tips will help you to save your life and your group members life.

It’s High time to realize START Studying ….NOW

Look at the following Pune university’s April 2015 TY BSc. (computer Science) Result
ty2015 result

Only 43% PASS, which means 57% students FAILED.

Is it Shocking to YOU ??

Every year final year results are similar and it’s not shocking to me as I am observing this from last so many years.

Why such low percentage?

It mainly happens because in all earlier years(FY, SY) University gives you facility of ATKT(allowed to keep term). Most of the students use this facility and move to next year with backlogs. But this doesn’t happens in last semester. It’s trap, most of the student’s get habitual of ATKT and they are finally trapped in last exam where there is no ATKT. After final year, even if U have single backlog it will lead to YD (year down).
Student’s don’t realize difference between Final year 1st semester and 2nd semester. You get equal time in both semesters but last semester has double load with increased hurdles. In final year 1st sem, U have only theory exam of 300 marks (6subj x 50marks) and no practical exam. Whereas in 2nd sem, U have 300 marks theory exam + 300 marks practical exam. Which explains U double load.
In last sem, U have all practical assignment submission + Project submission + Graphics mini project (added from this year) + Practical exam+ internal exam in college + University final theory exam……. so much load to complete in just 3 months. Actually speaking this itself is overload for students (those typically have backlogs) as compared to 1st semester and on the top of it there is college gathering, sports, days celebration, trips in 2nd semester which consumes ur lot of time. Plus there will be cricket matches (world cup or IPL) to distract you.  Most of the students(especially backlog students) get distracted to all these time pass activities.
They only realize this in Feb, when time has already gone. As compared to other months of year, Feb has less days 😦
Practical exam will start in March 1st week and will go on till 15-20 march. Theory exam will be roughly in April 1st week, so U hardly have a gap between practical and theory exam to study. Believe me, U will be dam busy in Feb as U will be having all submissions ( practical assignments and 2 projects) and your internal exam.  So, now tell me ?
When is the time for STUDY ???
When r U going to practice programs for Practical exam ( Syspro, OS , Java  Sem1 &2, PHP sem1 &2 + CG). More than 100 programs to practice.
I m frustrated today, it’s 21st January and students are still enjoying n busy in celebrating their college days n playing matches. It’s already too late….. just count number of days remaining and load U have to study.
Ideally right now, U should be studying 2 hrs every day(theory) and practising 4 programs a day.

Who can still afford to enjoy? only those students who clearly knows that they CAN NOT complete their Graduation in this April exam and need one more attempt for backlog exam(October). Then it’s ok !! U can Enjoy ur college days to fullest ( as they will never come back) and study next year.  All such students can refer to my other blog posts (after your results) dedicated to those Final year failed students (57%),  explaining how they can best utilize their year down time.
So before U get shock in June, better start studying… NOW

Hope this weak U up !!

start sudying

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Failed in First year of Graduation?

fail exam

Now what ? 1 year break
Should I change course or should I repeat first year? Should I change college?

You need to understand, What are real reasons of failing?

– Failed in choosing course?

if you misunderstood your current course or now if you realize that you are not liking your current course then better change it as you will not succeed if you do not have interest in it.

– Failed in understanding subjects?

What efforts have you taken? did you attain college lectures? did u read books ? did you join classes for extra coaching if you are not understanding in college? In spite of taking all these efforts if you have failed then better change course. If you honestly feel that you have not taken those efforts then join good coaching class and build your foundation strong. Alternatively change your college and take fresh admission to better college where you will get better teaching and you can create your fresh new image.

– Failed in preparation of Exam?

Some times you treat first year as rest year and enjoy your new college life too much as a result you study less and when exam comes it’s too late to realize that you have very less or no time to prepare. In this situation you can repeat first year either in same college or fresh admission in other college and focus more on studies.

– Failed in writing papers?

Refer to EQPS or answer papers of scholar students to understand how to score good marks. Practice writing papers with time limit and ask your subject teachers to check and give their feedback on improving your scores.
Request University/college and get photocopy of your papers and find out where you went wrong. If possible also get some scholar student’s help and get their answer paper photocopy to compare their answers with yours.

– Are you outsider (hostelite student)?

You need some time to adjust with new city, people, climate, food style(mess), responsibilities,  etc…
if you are leaving away from home for the 1st time then normally you tend to enjoy your freedom as it’s new city for you and mostly no body knows them, so freak out, Enjoy Life ,  party !!. Eventually you Study very less and result is FAIL in academics.

– Failed because of Medical or exceptional problem? you could not prepare or give papers.

Better repeat 1st year, study hard, score high and make best use of your break time.

Now what ?   what now

If you are year down then now you have to think of Whether to repeat 1st year in same college or take fresh admission to 1st year in different college?
it’s up to you. If you are self driven and if you think you really did not study last year then use this year and study hard. If required get coaching from good class to build your foundation strong.
If you take admission to college then again you will have to attain college compulsory (lectures and practicals) which will leave you very less time for studies. instead I will advise you to join classes. Further if you are really weak then try to get some personal tutor to help you personally.
If you take admission to same college for 1st year for same course then it won’t make much difference as most of the things will be same. Instead you can think of changing college and create your fresh image. Take college that has good faculties / placements / near by your home.

How can I make best use of year?

– study in depth of failed subjects, practice earlier year question papers, score high, get good percentage which will help you in getting job.
– In Pune university backlog exam will be in October, so till October exam focus only on ur failed subjects and make them strong. After your backlog exam start studying 2nd year syllabus on ur own (from books, Internet, private institutes) so that you will shine in 2nd year and give you more confidence.


“First year is not a Rest year, it’s  a Test year”.

You need to test whether you are in right course. If it’s not suitable to you then better change course instead of just dragging your self for another 3 years and get paper degree which will be of no use.

Job or Post Graduation?

Job or Education

This discussion is for final year graduates(focusing on BCS degree),  who are holding job offers and want to do PG(Post Graduation), so basically in confusion state, what to do ?

Parents play important role

I have seen some parents are extra caring and want their son/daughter to complete their formal education(PG) first as  job is not mandatory right now for them and feel that you will not do PG once you start earning. This normally happens when parents are financially sound. So these graduates are now in dilemma what to do with job offer???????  Parents will also say that you will get better opportunity after PG. You can’t oppose parents as they are/were your financers.


I am not saying, parents are wrong, but we need to really ask some questions to our   selves or at least think on it.

Why are we learning?”  Is this formal education really going to give us what we want? We are in just loop “ while( ! job)  study();  ”    We will be escaping out of this loop only when we get job. Learn from our parents and grandparents (how much they had to learn to start earning?). My point is there is no need of further education since you got a job, better start working and later on learn only what is essential for your career growth.

Another question is “Do YOU really want to study?”  Or are u studying because of parent’s force, peer pressure, etc..? Did you enjoy studying during your graduation? In my last 18 years of training experience (10,000 students) I have learnt that 99% students don’t want to study as they don’t really enjoy it. They are learning because they have to.

According to me in some cases Parents are going wrong as they are over supporting us as a result we get settled in life very late. Look at foreign countries, their trend is different, you leave your parents home at age of 17 and become independent. Considering today’s condition in India, assuming our average life is 60 years, out of which some ppl spend half life in education, so you get only remaining half to enjoy life, getting married, kids, etc.  Ideally we should spend only 1/3rd life in education then 1/3rd in job and forming family and then 1/3rd remaining life we should live for us(focusing on our wish list)

PG is common trend in science graduates

Heard Mentality It has become common trend among BCS students(Science graduates)  to do PG  without even understanding whether it will be useful or not? This trend is not seen in Engineers. How many students do ME after BE? BE degree is enough for them to get job. So if you got a job only on BCS degree then why do you need PG? Who should do PG is those who are not getting satisfactory job only on their graduation degree. There are chances that even after PG you might get same company or same job position and same work what graduate get, the only difference will be in starting package(it will be higher incase of PG due to their higher education). For example you get package of 1.8 lacks after BCS and 3 lacks after MCS/MCA. BE are paid higher than BCS, MCA are paid higher than MCS, it’s all because in industry you get paid based on your experience, but in case of fresher experience is zero, so measurement unit is education. Qualification matters only at entry level and then later on only experience counts.

If you are going for PG, only because you get good starting package then you should also understand that this is not true comparison. If you go for job directly after BCS then your experience starts and by the time your batch mates complete their MCS you will be 2 years experienced with salary hikes twice ( 1 per year), I am sure you will reach 3 lacks + in 2 years time.

Even if we forget money is not an issue for you, still you will be always 2+ years experience than your PG friends, this difference will help you in getting faster promotions, higher  salary, earlier  on site opportunity, will help you in getting settled in life earlier.

Some times you feel PG is necessary for getting managerial level or for arranged marriage cases, but then you can do PG side by side. I am not  saying that you don’t do PG, what I am trying to say is do/learn only what is necessary. Please avoid unnecessary learning.

study books

Want to learn more

Some scholar students want to learn more as they are more interested in studies. Even they should think about “where do you get real knowledge?”  During job / or in college. I am sure you will get more knowledge on job where u learn only what you need. Whereas these academic courses are designed in more generic way where you learn lot of things that you may not need in your job.



What is in your control??? Job / PG

So what is most important to you? At the end it’s JOB, right? So when you get job PG becomes secondary.

kathputliRemember, as an individual we can’t control market conditions and in last 15 years IT industry has faced 3 slowdowns. Whenever there is slack in any field it first affects IT industry. Whereas we can choose when and where to do PG. Once you start earning enough you can pay donation and get admission to any college that you want. But that’s not possible with IT companies. I still remember in year 2006, 3 students from Fergusson college got job offers when they were in final year of BCS and they all being studious scored well in exams. Their parents forced them to complete their PG first, so they went for PG. When they completed their PG it was slack in market, so even MCS/MCA degree was useless that time. They struggle to get job for almost a year. Whereas same time one student from Garware college also got job offer in his final year, he went for job directly. After 3 years, these PG students were searching for a good job by this time this Garware college student was already 3 years experienced in IT. This difference of 3 years will be carried forward for whole life as he will be always 3+ years experience than them. He is going to have better life as all opportunities(promotions/onsite) he will get earlier than those PG students who entered in market later. Surprisingly one of PG student is working under his Garware college batch mate in same company.

Moral of this real story is entering in job market as early as possible is the key to SUCCESS in life. You settle in life earlier.

Combining JOB with PG

Those who believe that PG is required for promotion or marriage(especially for boys), they should not leave  job opportunity. Today’s Working women are managing their job along with their household responsibilities. So in student phase why can’t you complete your PG along with the job?

Gulab Jamun with Ice creamThere are some IT companies who offer Bits Pillani’s MS course for their graduate employees, this course runs only on weekends whereas you work on weekdays. This course goes for 4 years(part time). To save time you can also think of taking admission to MCS/MCA to some college where they don’t mind absentee, in some colleges faculties come from industry so lectures are mainly on weekends. You can choose such college and complete your PG along with your job. In MCS there are only 3 semester X 5 papers (out of which 1 Project + 1 internal + 3 external) = 15 papers and good news is you have all subjects ATKT, so no worries about backlogs.  Along with job even if you clear 3 subjects per semester ( project with partner+ internal subject and 1 external) then effectively you have 6 backlogs in all 3 semester which you can finish off in 4th semester. In worst case you may need 1 or 2 sem(1 year) extra, this is still good as you were also doing job.

Following  this way, 3 years after graduation you will be post graduate with 3 years experience where as in case of typical students doing only PG will be post graduate with only 1 year experience.

Off course when you combine job with PG, your life will be hectic for 3 years but then you  will enjoy fruits for whole LIFE.

For further analysis, consider example of 2 students after their graduation, A going for PG and then job whereas B directly going for job and then do PG parallely (if required)

After Graduation A: first PG then Job B: Directly going for Job
Year 1 -ve ( Pay fees) +income = 1.8 Lacks
Year 2 -ve (pay fees) 1 year Exp +income = 2.5 Lacks
Year 3 Fresher income = 3 Lacks 2 years exp + income = 3.2 Lacks
Year 4 1 year Exp +income = 3.5 Lacks 3 years Exp +income = 4.2 Lacks
Year 5 2 years exp + income = 4 Lacks Promotion / change company 4 years exp + income = 5 Lacks
Year 6 3 years Exp +income = 4.5 Lacks 5 years Exp +income = 5.6 Lacks
Year 7 4 years Exp +income = 5 Lacks and Onsite opportunity(Earn in $) 6 years exp, income = 6.2 lacks

Note: these figures are tentative for understanding growth.
From above table we easily understand that by going for job first will start your experience and income wise you will be always plus.

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