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MCA or MCS ?

This discussion is limited to BSc. Computer Science(formerly called BCS) graduate students who want to decide whether MCA or MCS is better post graduate course for them.

Course Design:

Pune University has designed MCS (now called MSc. Computer Science) course keeping in mind what they have already learnt in BCS. Whereas MCA course is designed for any graduate having maths background.

Course Duration:

MCS is 2 years (4 sem) course out of which last semester is Industrial training that gives you actual  working experience and this is better than just academic learning. Whereas MCA is 3 years course without industrial training.

In MCA you develop only 1 project that to in final year, where as in MCS you need to do one project per semester.  So finally on your resume you have 4 projects ( 3 sem MCS + 1 TY BCS)

Learning in the Course:

As MCA is 3 years course do we learn more than 2 years MCS course? NO, in MCA 1st year we learn same thing what we have already learnt in BCS.  Compare syllabus of MCS and MCA to find out where will you learn more. MCS syllabus is more perfect for BCS.

As MCA again has Maths subjects, BCS student who already dislike maths should avoid going for MCA.

So MCA will be advisable to only those BCS students who are weak and want to make their foundation strong by learning few subjects once again.

Another point is, where do u learn more?  In college, or in industry???

You will get real knowledge when you start working. So enter in IT industry as soon as possible and start earning, get settle in life as early as possible.

Competition for Admission:

Only BCS students are allowed for MCS, whereas for MCA all graduates are allowed those who have maths background. So getting admission to MCA is more tough than MCS.

AS there is more maths in MCA entrance and no computer science questions, it will be more scoring for BSc-Maths  student than BSc- Computer science student. So, for BCS student getting admission one of the top MCA college is difficult as compared to BSc-maths  student.

Whereas for MCS admission they consider your BSc graduation marks(contribute 50% weightage ) along with MCS entrance marks. For MCS entrance exam there is computer science syllabus which makes it bit easy than MCA entrance exam which has more maths.

Growth after course :

In case of MCS you will start earning 2years after  BCS, where as in case of MCA you will start earning 3 years after BCS. As a result you are benefited in MCS  (1 year salary + 1 year work experience) In best case some students also get stipend or salary during their Industrial training(MCS 4th sem)

Lets look at following table to understand how things will work in case of MCS and MCA

Time Line after BCS MCS MCA
2 semesters (year 1) Study new Study same as BCS
3rd sem (year 2) Study Study
4th sem IT ( stipend) + NO study Study
5th & 6th sem ( year 3) Start Working (fresher)        (Salary  10k pm x12m =1.2L) Study(-fees 50k)
Year 4 1 year exp                           (Salary  15k pm x12m =1.8L) Start working (fresher)           (salary 12k pm X 12m =1.44L)
Year 5 2 years exp                         (Salary  20k pm x12m =2.4L) 1 year exp                          (Salary  17k pm x12m =2L)
    : : :

MCA fresher may get starting salary more than MCS fresher as MCA passout are 18years educated (12+3  BCS+3 MCA) whereas MCS is only 17years educated. But this is wrong comparison as we are  comparing person with different age. (MCA is  1 year older than MCS) .  As shown in above table we should compare same person completing MCS or MCA, what will happen in different scenarios.

MCS pass out students will be always 1 year senior than MCA passouts. Every year MCS passout will be getting more salary than MCA passout as they are 1 year more experienced. If you add up all these yearly extra salaries it will be big amount.

Another point to observe is , in MCA final year student pays fees to college(+exam fees+books+classes) which will be saved in case of MCS. Money saved is money earned. So actual earning of MCS student in year 1 is  1.7L = 1.2L(salary)+50k(MCA last year fees saved)

Also growth wise, MCS passout will get all promotions 1 year earlier than MCA pass out as MCS passout  enters IT  1 year before MCA passouts.

 Conclusion :

For BCS(BSc.-Computer Science) graduates, it is recommended to go for MCS(MSc.-computer Science)  considering future growth in terms of experience, money and position.

Those who are still inclined on MCA course after BCS then read my another post    “When MCA is good for BCS student?

[ Note: above discussion does not consider individual differences in various skills and abilities required for placement and job like communication skills, overall personality, logical thinking, etc..  Many a times people make mistake by comparing one MCA passout student with another MCS passout student. These two students have done different courses but we should also consider their individual strength/weakness as they are different individuals having different attitude, aptitude, IQ, emotional intelligence,  communication skills, smartness, etc… which also matters for placement and future career growth.  So whatever drawbacks you individually have will affect same for getting job irrespective of what course you have done(MCS/MCA)  ]


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48 thoughts on “MCA or MCS ?

  1. It was really helpful. Thank you very much sir!


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  3. Amol khedkar on said:

    Thank u very much sir.


  4. Parth Shrikant Kale on said:

    Liked it…


  5. anklesh tonde on said:

    very helpful..thank u sir


  6. Sameer Rajwade on said:

    Very true sir… Considering your view only i took admission in MCS and right now i am really happy to be @ this place. Thanks a TON sir….


  7. Apoorv Deshmukh on said:

    Nice post 🙂 BUT few points that Are missed here
    1>The above discussion is also limited to the MCA MCS course designed for other colleges by pune university and in no way this discussion should be considered when applying for MCA/MCS course at pune university comp sci dept which has its own syllabus for both the courses, being an autonomous dept. Yes! Though it’s a comp sci dept of pune university, the syllabus being tought there is way different than normal MCS or MCA syllabus taught in any other college. You can check out the syllabus of Pune University Comp Sci Dept at


  8. Amazing study of the bothe cources , it is very useful for all students.
    you rocks dhadve sir………


  9. Nilesh Puranik on said:

    Students who are interested to work at system level should go for MCS or atleast MCA (Science) as companies working in cloud storage development, network engineering, filesystems, storage networks, prefer MCS or B.E student….. those who want to be application developer should go for MCA (Mgmnt)…… this does not mean that MCS or MCA(sci) students cannot be application developer…..ofcourse MCA(mgmnt) students will not be preferred for work related to system level….so take decision wisely…!!


  10. Shahu Mali on said:

    Valuable Career Guidance 🙂 Thanks 🙂


  11. Anway Bhutkar on said:

    Sir,you’re Really been good guide for us always…..
    Thank you for Teaching us,Guiding us…..


  12. In case if you are going for MCA after BCS then make sure You take admission to 2nd year directly, this will save your 1 year. It’s latest change /update from Pune University, it’s already implemented in Bombay university from last year.


  13. Sharayu Thorat on said:

    Thanku for the guidance sir…. It helped me to decide what actually i want to do…


  14. Roshan Dsouza on said:

    sir,my ultimate aim is getting a dignified job into central government.m currently preparing for competitive exams as m nt interested in I.T.i want to complete my masters as some posts demand a masters degree.but m nt able to decide whether to go for mca/mcs.dnt u feel il get an extra year to prep for these exams if i go for mca as fy mca consists of bcs syllabus?secondly all the national exams notifications i have read till today mention mca as central exam mentions mcs as eligibility.which course would u suggest me to opt for??


    • go for MCA, but remember u get that extra year in 1st year. Where as u will be appearing for ur govt exams in or after final year.
      So try to get admission in MCA-2nd yr directly, which will save ur 1 year. U will be able to complete ur desired degree earlier and the year U saved can be invested in ur preparation of Govt exam.


  15. RAVNEET KAUR on said:

    Hello Mr. Dhadwe Sir,above statments were really helpful, though MCS gives Much more Expirence than MCA , but i had a talk regarding this topic to many people around 20-30 people but everybody suggested me to go for MCA and only 2-3 people suggested for MCS and i’m still confused about it? Why such difference if MCS is better?


    • I am not sure what these 20-30 ppl (U talked to) have done ? MCS or MCA and what was their graduation in ? BCS? it all depends on whom do u talk to. Every successful person will say their course is better.
      MCA course is conducted all over India and may be that’s reason its more popular. In my blog post, I have given enough reasons why MCS is better course for BCS students. Still if U r not confident, try to get admission to MCA directly for 2nd year(Pune & Mumbai University) which will save ur 1 year time and also give U MCA degree.
      Remember for placement, at last it depends on individual, how smart U R to grab the job. Course only provides U opportunity & both courses do that


  16. suhail on said:

    thanks sir 🙂


  17. hello sir,
    as u described I picked up wrong train after hsc.
    I have appeared 4 times for the final year and still a failed student.
    I dont know what to do now.
    I was interested in services like army or navy but ….. Now I have nothing to say…
    still want to do safety mgmt course….
    what do u suggest me????
    kindly rly to this comment !!!!


  18. Tushar Limbhore on said:

    Thnk you so much Sir
    for ua valuable guidance..
    im d Last year BCS student.
    im really confusing that whether i do MCA or MCS Befor reading this..
    nw i tk decision easily bcz of ua guidance
    once again thank you vry much sir.


  19. how can we directly get admission on the 2nd year under mca course?


  20. a.Rahim mokashi on said:

    Thank you so much sir, now after taking your guidance, i m very happy. Because before taking your helpful guidance, i m confused to choose msc (cs) / mac course after Bcs . After your terrific guidance i have no confusion, once again very very thank you so much sir for solving my addmition problem.


  21. Hello sir,

    I have a question, how many times can a person appear for a paper (university of pune) in M.C.A (management)? I have failed my M.CA.(I should have passed out by 2014) but I still have a paper to clear and I have appeared for that paper 7 times, so am I still eligible to appear for the paper?

    What are my options, if any?



  22. bobby more on said:

    thank-you very much it was very helpful………


  23. prasad parte on said:

    it was much help full as got many things clear


  24. Sonam Sharma on said:

    After completing B.Sc in computer science, is it better to go for MCA or MCS working parallely?


  25. umang on said:

    I have in ty bca. Can I doing mcs or not


  26. Ashwini Thopte on said:

    sir, I have completed my BCS in 2005. I m working as computer teacher in an english medium school but now i m trying to take admission for MCS. Is it possible for me to do that?


  27. pradnya on said:

    I have completed my bus in srtmun then I m confused what info mca or mcs plz suggest me I am decided to complete my PG in pune university what I do mcs or mca


  28. hitesh on said:

    Really your information is helpfull for me.

    Thank you bro 🙂

    difference between msc computer science and mca


  29. rupali on said:

    I got 51.23% in 12th…51% in fybcs .49.7% in sybcs ..70% in tybcs. can i get admission in mca/mcs from sch category


  30. hello Mr. Sunil,i completed my graduation in bsc computer science with 49% .Can I get admission in msc computer science in Pune university colleges like fergusson,modern,MIT.I was in Modern will I admission in Modern college


    • Neha, it looks difficult to get admission in these colleges U mentioned with such a low percentage. But U can still try …. check do they have any reservations / quota.
      Don’t forget to appear their entrance exams


  31. i got 49 % in bsc.will I get admission for mcs


  32. rupali on said:

    hello Sir,are there any companies hiring students with 50% aggregate.will you please mention the companies name.If there are low possibilities ,please guide me what should i do further to get a good job in mnc companies.I have completed my bcs and pursuing for mcs….Many companies have criteria 0f 55-60%..What should i do?are there possibilities of getting job after mcs..


  33. soniya kamble on said:

    How good will it be if we do M.Sc IT after doung BCS?


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