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When MCA is good for BCS students ?

This discussion is limited to BSc. Computer Science(formerly called BCS) graduate students who want to decide whether MCA  is right choice for them.

[Before you read this post, please read my earlier related post “MCS or MCA?” as discussion in this post will not repeat those points. ]

Though  I clearly indicated in my previous post “MCS or MCA?” that MCS is best option after BCS considering course outcome, still in certain situations BCS students can find MCA as better option for them . Following are those different situations where MCA will be better option.

Getting MCA admission directly to 2’nd year ? Save 1 year and repetitive study. 

Earlier this facility was not there, but Mumbai University started it and then Pune university also started it since 2013-14.  Reference : Pune University MCA syllabus (Read point 5 Elligibility)
There will be 10% quota in every college of MCA for such lateral entry. For details inquire in MCA colleges or in Pune university.
If you get admission directly in 2nd year then you will save 1 year of studies + fees and enter in IT industry 1 year earlier, which means you will start your professional life/career 1 year early as a result you will be always 1 year+ in work experience  as compared to MCA 3 years course.

Was  BCS tough for You? Make your foundation strong in MCA

Those who were already weak in BCS or were not serious during BCS can also think of going to MCA as MCA course will give them one more opportunity to do those important subjects again and make your foundation strong. Also MCA has some subjects from management which makes this course easier than MCS.

Worried about Project ? only 1 project in MCA

MCS course has project every semester, so 3 projects totally in the course which helps you to make your CV(curriculum vitae)  strong for placements. But those who already had bad experience in TY project as they don’t know programming, should avoid going MCS. In this case prefer MCA as it has only one project in the entire course and you also get time to learn programming.

Working Professionals? MCA is easy to manage

If you are working or planning to work during PG(post graduation) then MCA will be easy to manage than MCS.  If job is must then  what you should care is which course you will be able to complete easily along with job. As MCS has all subjects new(as compared to BCS) it will be tough to learn them completely on yourself. Whereas lot of subjects of MCA are repeated from BCS and few new subjects per semester you can mange easily on your own.  As you are earning you can also join some training institute or coaching class to learn any subject that you find tough. If you are already placed in IT then what you want at the end is post graduation, which will be easy in case of MCA than making your life hell with MCS. There are hight chances of having backlogs in MCS (every semester) if you are working full time and not going to college(its difficult to do all new subjects on your own).

[Note: As syllabus is updated after every 5 years, please go through MCA syllabus before you take final decision. Find out how many subjects you have already done in BCS and how many are new? how new subjects are distributed semester wise and plan accordingly.]

College for MCA / MCS? Choose good college for placements

If you are getting one of the top college(good for placements) for MCA and not getting good college for MCS then prefer doing MCA . It’s good to invest one more year in MCA as compared to MCS than being jobless for 1 year after MCS.  College does matter for placement as there are very good placements in some colleges, whereas in other college students struggle to get IT or job. In some colleges there is no separate placement cell or activity.  It’s a fact  that some IT companies do not prefer to go to certain colleges as their students quality is not good.

Avoid taking admission to new college or college who is conducting that course for the first time. Such colleges have no experience of conducting that course and may not have good faculties, placements, etc..  So avoid being  guinea pig.


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42 thoughts on “When MCA is good for BCS students ?

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  2. Nilesh Puranik on said:

    A very important suggestion for students who will opt for MCS or MSc Computer Science (atleast for Pune university), never ever use Vision Publication or techmax publication …. always use textbooks recommended by university…..all questions are from reference books…..for 2-3 subjects notes given by professors will be sufficient……For MCA you can use Vision publication and it’s OK….


  3. MCA will be good if you are getting admission directly to 2nd year as this will save your 1 year.
    It’s latest change /update from Pune University, it’s already implemented in Bombay university from last year.


  4. Sameer Waskar on said:

    MCA = BE (for most companies)
    MCS = Undefined ( Unfortunately It is hard to find job advertisements with this degree requirement)
    Is this true sir??


  5. manisha mali on said:

    I m doing bcs nw in fy…m cnfusd gor ma future……pls guide me…ma progaming for c is nt good…bt ma animation in c++ is gud…so wat shud I do.


  6. anju on said:

    but i have heard that there is more scope of job aftr mca.. is it so???


  7. vicky on said:

    i just complete BCS i m confused what i do MCS or MCA. which course have more scope for getting job.


    • If you are studying under Pune University, I feel both courses have equal scope for getting job. But MCS will save ur 1 year.
      Placement doesn’t depend on course MCS/MCA, it depends on how You develop yourself.


  8. pooja on said:

    sir if we can get admtn to 2nd year mca and i like maths too then whether it is crct to go for mca?


  9. venkatesh on said:

    should I do MCA engineering (lateral 2nd year direct) or MCS…. I m a bit confused among these two…..I have completed BCS.


  10. Abhijeet Boid on said:

    I’ve passed 12th from bifocal cs.I’m confused about bca or bcs. Plz let me know fast as admsns. Are started


    • I will suggest you to go for BCS as it focuses on computer science, whereas BCA will focus on Computer applications. After BCS if you decide to go for higher studies then you can go for MCS or MCA.


  11. devendra on said:

    Can a company offer good salary after Mcs. Or being an Engineer only way to survive in life! And can i do Mtech after Mcs??is Msc(cs) equivalent to Mtech??


  12. devendra on said:

    Thanks a lot sir. I m doing bcs currently, but is it possible to do phd or mtech after mcs to acquire a post equivalent to engineers? And will ccna or other microsoft certified course be benificial in getting job?


  13. Sir,
    I have completed my BCS and I am currently working in an IT company. I would like to pursue PG in MCA while working. Could you please suggest me some good colleges in Pune with good placements. Also it would be great if u could help me understand the difference between MCA under Science and MCA under Management.


    • If U r already working IT company U don’t need to do MCA as Ur next switch will be based on ur experience and not on ur qualification. NO company demands post graduation. Any ways, if U still want to do MCA along with job then let me tell U, officially it’s not allowed as both r full time ( MCA as well as JOB). SO U will have to take some college which will allow u to remain absent and directly appear for exams. But Remember, such colleges will not be good colleges(not grade A) Only those colleges will allow such things who can not fill their quota. also these colleges will not have good placements(another reason their admissions r not full). On the other side good colleges who provide placement will be strict and have their own attitude.
      So I will recommend you to continue ur job and take some college near by ur home or company (to save travelling time), prefer college which has more lectures on weekends. In case if U r not satisfied with ur current job profile and U don’t want to continue working in same field then better leave job in 2nd or 3rd year of MCA (in july) and do full time course. so that U maintain ur percentage based on which U can again try fresh job like other freshers (hiding ur old exp.)
      Science or mgmt. ? look at their syllabus and then decide. It depends on ur likings, science will b more like BCS and mgmt will have more theory subjects.
      Still If U r confused, U can meet me personally in my office by taking prior appointment and we will discuss it more on ur personal level.



    sir pls give me the information about fees for mca in pune univercity
    so i can decide good option for me


  15. shilpa on said:

    I completed bsc com sci with higher second class from pune university wch course should i continue wth mca or mcs?as mca management is nly available in pune university if i go for it vl i get good job on mca management?


  16. mahesh on said:

    sir ,I have appered tybcs exam in 2016, I am little bit confused what to do MSC or MCA??
    also I have not placed in campus . also in 12th my % is below 60% so is helpfull to take admission in good clg for msc or mca beacause in evry company there is criteria llike that they required throughtout 60% ??tfws seats are there in mca??


  17. Ashwini Thopte on said:

    Good afternoon sir. I had completed my BCS in 2005 .Now i am working as computer teacher in an english medium school but i want to take admission for MCS in this year. Is it possible to me to do that ?Please guide me


    • Should not be a Problem.
      Now a days there is college wise entrance exam for MCS and U might have missed it. So immediately contact various colleges and ask them whether they can admit you without entrance.


  18. on said:

    sir. …..bcs. …..then mca very hard? ???? plz sir tell me? ?? I m confuse


  19. Yash Kurhe on said:

    Bro.. I m not datmuch good with mathematics so wat shud I go for mcs or mCa?
    And is there any chances of going abroad? After mca or Mcs?


  20. I’m not much good with mathematics way shut I choose after bcs? Mca or mcs?

    Also can I get chances of gng abroad for work??


    • in that case prefer MCS.
      How are U planning to go abroad?
      If it’s through company then it doesn’t matter, Company will take care of everything.
      If you are planning to search job on your own then I will recommend to do PG there which will be easy for you to get job in that country.


  21. Bro.. I m not datmuch good with mathematics so wat shud I go for mcs or mCa?


  22. Deepa Kumari on said:

    Sir,I want to know that doing MCA management from Ahmednagar is good and can with this can we place in top MNC.


    • I don’t know which college u r talking about. Also I don’t know teaching quality and placements of that college. Better take feedback from senior students of that college and then decide. But do it from good college as this will be ur last course to get ur dream job.
      Good Luck


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