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Failed in First year of Graduation?

fail exam

Now what ? 1 year break
Should I change course or should I repeat first year? Should I change college?

You need to understand, What are real reasons of failing?

– Failed in choosing course?

if you misunderstood your current course or now if you realize that you are not liking your current course then better change it as you will not succeed if you do not have interest in it.

– Failed in understanding subjects?

What efforts have you taken? did you attain college lectures? did u read books ? did you join classes for extra coaching if you are not understanding in college? In spite of taking all these efforts if you have failed then better change course. If you honestly feel that you have not taken those efforts then join good coaching class and build your foundation strong. Alternatively change your college and take fresh admission to better college where you will get better teaching and you can create your fresh new image.

– Failed in preparation of Exam?

Some times you treat first year as rest year and enjoy your new college life too much as a result you study less and when exam comes it’s too late to realize that you have very less or no time to prepare. In this situation you can repeat first year either in same college or fresh admission in other college and focus more on studies.

– Failed in writing papers?

Refer to EQPS or answer papers of scholar students to understand how to score good marks. Practice writing papers with time limit and ask your subject teachers to check and give their feedback on improving your scores.
Request University/college and get photocopy of your papers and find out where you went wrong. If possible also get some scholar student’s help and get their answer paper photocopy to compare their answers with yours.

– Are you outsider (hostelite student)?

You need some time to adjust with new city, people, climate, food style(mess), responsibilities,  etc…
if you are leaving away from home for the 1st time then normally you tend to enjoy your freedom as it’s new city for you and mostly no body knows them, so freak out, Enjoy Life ,  party !!. Eventually you Study very less and result is FAIL in academics.

– Failed because of Medical or exceptional problem? you could not prepare or give papers.

Better repeat 1st year, study hard, score high and make best use of your break time.

Now what ?   what now

If you are year down then now you have to think of Whether to repeat 1st year in same college or take fresh admission to 1st year in different college?
it’s up to you. If you are self driven and if you think you really did not study last year then use this year and study hard. If required get coaching from good class to build your foundation strong.
If you take admission to college then again you will have to attain college compulsory (lectures and practicals) which will leave you very less time for studies. instead I will advise you to join classes. Further if you are really weak then try to get some personal tutor to help you personally.
If you take admission to same college for 1st year for same course then it won’t make much difference as most of the things will be same. Instead you can think of changing college and create your fresh image. Take college that has good faculties / placements / near by your home.

How can I make best use of year?

– study in depth of failed subjects, practice earlier year question papers, score high, get good percentage which will help you in getting job.
– In Pune university backlog exam will be in October, so till October exam focus only on ur failed subjects and make them strong. After your backlog exam start studying 2nd year syllabus on ur own (from books, Internet, private institutes) so that you will shine in 2nd year and give you more confidence.


“First year is not a Rest year, it’s  a Test year”.

You need to test whether you are in right course. If it’s not suitable to you then better change course instead of just dragging your self for another 3 years and get paper degree which will be of no use.


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25 thoughts on “Failed in First year of Graduation?

  1. Priyesh Mali on said:

    Thank u so much sir.


  2. Amit Kumar on said:

    Can i sit for fy exams in oct after failing i have 6 down due to health issues but i can pass in all exams with a good percentage.. and if possible would i be able to give the second year exams in april that are after a few months and directly go to third year.?? plz help!


    • U can give ur FY failed papers in October but SY is semester wise. Which means till ur FY results are out(pass), U will not be able to go in SY. So U will have to join SY in next academic year(June). Unfortunately in Pune University and in almost all Indian universities have only one intake through out year, which is student’s loss of time.


  3. Saurabh on said:

    I took bms but in first year i realize that it doesn’t have much to offer and i’m not liking it
    Can i take admission to fy bcom i am ready to start fresh


  4. I am in sp college and i faild with 6 backlogs. And i saw that my friends who are of same mentality as mine passed but they were in other college VIT, Sinhagad, shivaji maratha, dy patil.. All cleared.. So never go for sp college they dont give marks.. And sir, does failing one or 2 yrs does it affects my job life. Because many college says no a.t.k.t no yd..!! So now how will i get job in good comapnies like infosys, hcl, accenture, microsoft, nvidea etc.. Please guide me i m also going to do mcs from other college..and how much max salary Can i expect? Please guide me sir thank u!!


    • it’s too early to talk about salary considering ur case. First focus on ur academics and clear ur all subjects, try to get 1st class to be eligible for MNC(multinational companies). Now college won’t matter as U will be giving exam directly and can study more sitting at home or by joining some tuitions.
      U can still join small companies who do not keep any criteria and prove ur skills to them.


      • Thanku very much sir, for your great advice. And i do will focus on my acadamics first..!! 🙂


  5. rohitsharma17 on said:


    I have failed in my first year of BAF. I failed in all 7 subs. I tried to cleared in the atkt but it doesn’t seems that I can clear even 5 subs. If dropped can I reappear again for FYBAF in the very next year or is there any time gap? I didn’t really studied well. Should I continue with BAF or try any other? Please do guide me:-)


  6. Rittik goswami on said:

    I have failed in my bcom 1st year exam ….now i want to study hard ndd want to change my college but i want to do bcom again….should i get regular admission in different university or private


  7. Parth on said:

    I failed in fybcom. And i dont want to repeat the year. Can i give the sy private, I mean from the University without taking a drop and leaving my college


  8. lokesh sharma on said:

    Sir I am failed in 2nd year what should I do ..


    • U have 2 options :
      1) if U don’t like the course then change it and take admission somewhere else (where ur interest is) , don’t waste more years
      2) if u have interest then make ur foundation strong, give failed papers and continue same course


      • Almas khan on said:

        Hie sir i have failed in fy.bcom so nw wht should i do ?? I’m not getting it please help me out… Or suggest me some good course 🙏


      • what is the real reason of failing?
        if U didn’t like the course then do whichever course U like or have interest in.
        Every course is good but may not be suitable for all


  9. Himanshu on said:

    I have atkt in SEM 1 now it’s sybsc sem4 exam tym in april2018 can I proceed to tybsc having my in SEM 1??? Clearing SEM 2-3-4


  10. Jigyasa on said:

    After being failed in first year from a college of different university… Can the person get admission in another college belonging to another university….. Will that person be able to get TC?
    Please reply soon…


  11. diksha on said:

    Hello sir , I am studying (food technology) at mgm cllg Aurangabad this is my 2 year. I get addmision to mgm in august 2017 bt then after I relize I was not comfortable at that college n city I have give my 1st sem examination in which I get 8 back subject and then I have not given the 2 sem examination and didn’t go to college regural now I don’t want to stay at college for3 sem I am so worried I want to this course but not to that collge I have waist my one year and now I cant geting my t.c also from colge what should I do
    Plz help me


    • try to change ur college and city. Unless u r comfortable, how will u study?
      find out what are the ways of getting TC from that college and before that find out where U can get admission ( to ur desired city/college where U will be comfortable )


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