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Waiting for Job Call ?

ConfusedSituation : Got an offer letter from Company but waiting for their call to Join !!
Recently such students met me and were discussing their problem with me to find out what they can do?
When they came, I found they were Panic, so I thought of writing this post for all such fresher students who are in same situation.
Guys, First thing is Don’t Panic!!
Since 1st Standard U were into scheduled life and suddenly after so many years U r facing this blank period of Life, where U have nothing to do.
Some students are tensed as their friends have gone ahead on their track. Some have started their jobs,some have joined their family business and others started their higher education. what about me ????
Seating Idle 😦
Pls try n understand the situation, God has given U something that U will crave for in future…… the time.
U don’t have to Run because others are running!! isn’t it?
Now the question is how do I fill this undefined blank period?
I m suggesting U few options :

option A)

Once U start working, U will never get holidays till U retire. So do whatever U wanted to Do in ur life that U couldn’t do it earlier due to ur busy academic schedule. I am sure once ur job will start again U will become busy and will not get enough time for ur things. Go for long trip, learn guitar, work out( build ur body), go for trek, read books which U wanted from long time, learn cooking (will be really useful for whole life), play sports, learn swimming, photography, etc… do what U love to Do.

option B)

Go for Higher Education if U really want to study. U can take admission to Post Graduate course at any college where U will be allowed to remain absent (when ur job starts) and appear directly for exam. Do that course sincerely till U get ur job call. Once the job starts, complete this course externally in ur own pace along with ur job. Advantage of this option is U will not feel left out as U r studying with ur friends, U will eventually complete ur Post Graduation. And most important thing, in case if U don’t like ur job profile or company location then U can leave that Job and continue ur education. U can try for other job during ur PG

option C)

In case if U don’t want to do post graduation or invest so much time of ur life then U can do some small course like web development or mobile app development(android). You can either do it from some institute or u can learn on ur own from books or internet. The risk side is whatever you are learning might go waste as it may not be required for ur job and if u don’t use it, eventually U will forget it. But if u r tech savvy then U will at least get a happiness of learning something new.

option D)

 In case if U don’t wish to invest money or time in any course then U can try getting job in other company. Go for their test and walk-in interviews. If U like new company/location/job profile, U can continue with new company and forget waiting for old job call. If U don’t like new company, U can leave it as soon as U get a call from old company. In this option U will not loose money, rather U will earn money, gain more knowledge while working and get experience of work environment.

So, now it’s up to U, How would U like to spend ur blank time.

Don’t Worry!! One day, U will get ur job call and then ur life will become busy again.

Be +ve, think +ve ( Don’t listen to any rumor or believe on their negative statements)

Be Happy 🙂


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