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Waiting for Job Call ?

ConfusedSituation : Got an offer letter from Company but waiting for their call to Join !!
Recently such students met me and were discussing their problem with me to find out what they can do?
When they came, I found they were Panic, so I thought of writing this post for all such fresher students who are in same situation.
Guys, First thing is Don’t Panic!!
Since 1st Standard U were into scheduled life and suddenly after so many years U r facing this blank period of Life, where U have nothing to do.
Some students are tensed as their friends have gone ahead on their track. Some have started their jobs,some have joined their family business and others started their higher education. what about me ????
Seating Idle 😦
Pls try n understand the situation, God has given U something that U will crave for in future…… the time.
U don’t have to Run because others are running!! isn’t it?
Now the question is how do I fill this undefined blank period?
I m suggesting U few options :

option A)

Once U start working, U will never get holidays till U retire. So do whatever U wanted to Do in ur life that U couldn’t do it earlier due to ur busy academic schedule. I am sure once ur job will start again U will become busy and will not get enough time for ur things. Go for long trip, learn guitar, work out( build ur body), go for trek, read books which U wanted from long time, learn cooking (will be really useful for whole life), play sports, learn swimming, photography, etc… do what U love to Do.

option B)

Go for Higher Education if U really want to study. U can take admission to Post Graduate course at any college where U will be allowed to remain absent (when ur job starts) and appear directly for exam. Do that course sincerely till U get ur job call. Once the job starts, complete this course externally in ur own pace along with ur job. Advantage of this option is U will not feel left out as U r studying with ur friends, U will eventually complete ur Post Graduation. And most important thing, in case if U don’t like ur job profile or company location then U can leave that Job and continue ur education. U can try for other job during ur PG

option C)

In case if U don’t want to do post graduation or invest so much time of ur life then U can do some small course like web development or mobile app development(android). You can either do it from some institute or u can learn on ur own from books or internet. The risk side is whatever you are learning might go waste as it may not be required for ur job and if u don’t use it, eventually U will forget it. But if u r tech savvy then U will at least get a happiness of learning something new.

option D)

 In case if U don’t wish to invest money or time in any course then U can try getting job in other company. Go for their test and walk-in interviews. If U like new company/location/job profile, U can continue with new company and forget waiting for old job call. If U don’t like new company, U can leave it as soon as U get a call from old company. In this option U will not loose money, rather U will earn money, gain more knowledge while working and get experience of work environment.

So, now it’s up to U, How would U like to spend ur blank time.

Don’t Worry!! One day, U will get ur job call and then ur life will become busy again.

Be +ve, think +ve ( Don’t listen to any rumor or believe on their negative statements)

Be Happy 🙂


Special Care during Exams

It’s Exam time, take care of Ur Health
You have studied whole year and now it’s time to express your knowledge. Every exam I find some good student losing their academic year as s/he could not appear for exam due to medical reasons. So it’s time to take care of your health. Following are some tips for YOU :

  • Drive Safe and avoid accidents
    – Drive Slow and follow traffic rules especially on signal.
    – Wear helmet
    – Don’t use mobile(call/msg/whatsapp) while driving or crossing road.
  • Avoid going outside in hot sunny time 12 to 4pm.
    – Wear sun cap/scarf, sun glasses if U have to go.
    stylish hat woman sunglasses and tablet fashion scarf over wooden table
  • Drink more water to avoid dehydration.
    Prefer more liquid food than solid.
  • Don’t eat outside, as we don’t know what quality of ingredients they use.
    – Avoid very cheap food like 5Rs. Juice or 5Rs. Wada pav.
    – To save money, carry home food ( Tiffin).
    – Outside you can have coconut water or butter milk.





  • Instead of eating more.. less times, Eat less more times. When U eat more U tend to feel sleepy and will not be in mood to study. thali
    – If you go to hotel then avoid Thali or buffet system as you tend to eat more, so prefer ala carte menu (as per order).
    – Avoid too much eating in marriages and Reception.
  • DO light Exercise everyday at east for 20 minutes a day. It’s PL ( preparation leave) during which most of the students just eat, study n sleep. Which increases your weight and you feel sluggish.
    – Swimming will be best exercise in hygienic pool. Avoid unhygienic public pools which might attract contagious disease.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes as it will help in improving your concentration.
  • Avoid eating very spicy food, especially non vegetarian.


  • Even Avoid eating  sweets, especially on festival days.
  • Prefer eating fruits instead of juice. Prefer juicy fruits like watermelon.







  • avoid too many Energy drinks like Red bull.
    – Strictly avoid consuming alcohol during exam days.
  • Avoid frequent night outs. Sleep for 7 hrs. You need more sleep during exam time as you study more, your brain gets fatigue. If required take power nap in afternoon, You will feel fresh for your next study session.After all  healthy body and healthy mind  will give you better Results.

    You also might like to read my another blog post “How to study ?” and “Digital Distractions for studies “

Failed in Final Year Exam?

You were curious to know your exam result, but then you find that you have failed!!

For some students it was expected considering their past performance, exam preparation and the way they wrote their exam papers. But for some students this is shocking news!! Shock of failure depends on what loss is associated with it. For example, when you failed in 3-4 subjects of FY(First year) or SY was still all right as you were allowed to go to next level(sem/year), No big loss!! So that time failing in 3-4 subjects did not matter much, But now one backlog of TY has resulted into year down…. a loss of 1 year.  What now?

First Step is to accept the fact as soon as possible and move on, start planning for future. Those who were expecting or had doubt about t heir result must have already done some planning and that’s why failing is not BIG problem for them. But what about others, Who did not expect at all??

Off course temporary remedy is applying for revaluation / re-verification, which might work in some exceptional cases. But what about time factor? By the time you get revaluation result, you might miss out the current opportunities. In case you failed in only one subject then I will recommend you to apply for revaluation and take provisional admission. This will save your one year if your revaluation result is success. Before you apply for revaluation, ask following few questions to yourself.

  • Did I really study well for this paper?
  • Was I comfortable about this subject?
  • What are internal test marks showing?
  • How well I wrote the paper? How many marks paper I attempted? How many answers were correct?

Applying for revaluation or re-verification will be good idea only if you are very sure about your performance. Don’t  just rely fully on reval/re-verification result, better start studying for that paper. Focus on your weakness Identify your weakness in the subject and work on it? Find out, from where you can learn those concepts/programs/problems/topics? I am sure there will be some good learning sources like notes, books, friends, seniors, teachers, classes or internet. Now this year you don’t have college, so you have lot of time free which you can utilize for reading from reference books and making your own notes. Collect previous question papers and solve them following time constrain, get them checked from respective subject teachers. Find out your mistakes and learn from them. Try to look at answer papers of scholar students, see how they write paper and learn how to score good marks. Best utilization of 1 year You will be appearing for exam in October and its results will be out somewhere in December. Even if you pass in December, you will have to wait till June for the next course as Pune University’s academic year starts in June. (This I really hate as most of the Indian universities start their academic year in June and there are no admissions in between. Whereas  foreign universities  have 2 to 3 intakes per year.  Some of the universities even allow to complete some subjects in vacation. Indian universities should not punish students for 1 whole year for few backlogs. University can make their exam department more effective and conduct re-exams immediately after one month of declaration of result.) This does not mean that you should lose your 1 year. You can make best utilization of your entire one year. Till backlog exam you should study for your failed subjects thoroughly from basics. Make sure now you score well and achieve desired percentage. Mere Passing is not enough!! Sometimes passing with just  40 marks is not enough. Many companies demand for first class during placements. Even for appearing some government exams there is certain percentage required. I know some students who purposefully failed in one or two subjects so that they cover up required marks in those failed subjects and achieve first class. I also know some students who take break for 1 year and give Class improvement exam(University allow reappearing for 3 papers and considers best performance marks) Once you finish your backlog exam, learn something of your interest that will help you in future for making money(job/business). Exploring different Career options Last 3 years you were busy in college activities(lectures, practical, coaching classes), you hardly got time to analyze yourself or explore different career options. Now since you are free for 1 year, do some proper research and explore various career options that are suitable to you. May be you will find something that may act as turning point of your life. Preparing for Entrance exams Some students were preparing for MBA entrance along with their TY. As their focus and energy was divided, they could neither focus on their academics nor on CET / CAT. As a result they either get so-so college for MBA or fail in some TY subject.  Good idea was they should have focused on TY last year and Prepare for MBA entrance this year. Any ways, since you are free for 1 year now, you can prepare for all such entrances dedicatedly. Time is Money Convert your free time into money. Get some job and start earning to support all your needs. It becomes embarrassing to ask money from your parents every time, especially now when you have lost 1 academic year. This working experience will definitely help you in future.  It will be great if you get some job in your interested area. On job you will learn more than text books. If you really make good money then you can even afford to learn further whatever you like on your own. At the end what I will suggest is, Take every failure in positive way. Remember, Every failed step is getting one step closer to Success. Look at the example of Thomas Edison, he was successful in inventing bulb in his 1000th attempt and he says that “he learnt 999 ways of how we can’t make bulb”. Academic Success is not the everything in Life. That’s not true measurement of SUCCESS.

Identify your strength, everybody has some.  Try to excel in your strength area. Everybody can’t have their blood group B +ve, but at least you can be positive.

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