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Don’t catch the Wrong Train

Final year results are out!! Congratulations to all successful candidates on your Graduation. ( Do not read this post in case you have Failed, Read another useful post Failed-in-final-year-exam ).

Considering Life as a journey where we catch different trains to reach different destinations. Like recently you got down from BCS(Graduation) train and thinking which train to catch NEXT ??? Most of you will be catching 2 years  MCS train just because you have completed BCS, but have you really thought whether is it a right train for you?

At this junction point, You must think carefully. It’s not typical journey like first year to second or second to third year. Now if you board any wrong train, your education journey will start again and normally it won’t stop until its destination is reached ( unless you dare to jump out of train in between). How many have jumped out of BCS train even after understanding that they are sitting  in wrong train of BCS? There is no point in regretting in future about your past decisions. You can’t change your past but you can change your future.

So, wait for some time, take a long breath and think again are you catching the right train??

  • Don’t catch that train because your group(friends) are going for that train(course). Remember, Everybody’s destiny is different depending on your interest, goals and background.  Don’t be scared to walk on unusual paths.
  • Don’t catch that train because you are getting its ticket(admission).
  • Don’t catch that train because you won that ticket in lucky draw( cracked entrance of that institute)
  • Don’t catch that train because it’s best train(college/course). It may not be best for you.

Those who have already realized in BCS that they can’t do programming and started disliking it then is there no point in going for post graduation course like MCS or MCA which will take you towards Programming career.

In populated country like India, everybody is thrown in to rat race. Somehow everybody wants to be successful without knowing what is SUCCESS for them?

Catch only that train which is going to take you towards your destination. Prior boarding the train, finalize your destination.
Following points can help you to choose the Right train for YOU :

  • your dream or goals
  • your abilities ( mental, physical, financial)
  • your interest / likings
  • your Strength and weakness
  • What you would love to Do whole your life?

Make sure whatever career goal (destination) you choose, should be Best for YOU, achievable and keep YOU happy once you achieve it.



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