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Special Care during Exams

It’s Exam time, take care of Ur Health
You have studied whole year and now it’s time to express your knowledge. Every exam I find some good student losing their academic year as s/he could not appear for exam due to medical reasons. So it’s time to take care of your health. Following are some tips for YOU :

  • Drive Safe and avoid accidents
    – Drive Slow and follow traffic rules especially on signal.
    – Wear helmet
    – Don’t use mobile(call/msg/whatsapp) while driving or crossing road.
  • Avoid going outside in hot sunny time 12 to 4pm.
    – Wear sun cap/scarf, sun glasses if U have to go.
    stylish hat woman sunglasses and tablet fashion scarf over wooden table
  • Drink more water to avoid dehydration.
    Prefer more liquid food than solid.
  • Don’t eat outside, as we don’t know what quality of ingredients they use.
    – Avoid very cheap food like 5Rs. Juice or 5Rs. Wada pav.
    – To save money, carry home food ( Tiffin).
    – Outside you can have coconut water or butter milk.





  • Instead of eating more.. less times, Eat less more times. When U eat more U tend to feel sleepy and will not be in mood to study. thali
    – If you go to hotel then avoid Thali or buffet system as you tend to eat more, so prefer ala carte menu (as per order).
    – Avoid too much eating in marriages and Reception.
  • DO light Exercise everyday at east for 20 minutes a day. It’s PL ( preparation leave) during which most of the students just eat, study n sleep. Which increases your weight and you feel sluggish.
    – Swimming will be best exercise in hygienic pool. Avoid unhygienic public pools which might attract contagious disease.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes as it will help in improving your concentration.
  • Avoid eating very spicy food, especially non vegetarian.


  • Even Avoid eating  sweets, especially on festival days.
  • Prefer eating fruits instead of juice. Prefer juicy fruits like watermelon.







  • avoid too many Energy drinks like Red bull.
    – Strictly avoid consuming alcohol during exam days.
  • Avoid frequent night outs. Sleep for 7 hrs. You need more sleep during exam time as you study more, your brain gets fatigue. If required take power nap in afternoon, You will feel fresh for your next study session.After all  healthy body and healthy mind  will give you better Results.

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