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Digital distractions for Studies


1-7When you are preparing for exams, you need to focus on your studies. But lot of students can’t focus due to digital distractions like TV and mobile. These days people are dependent on different gadgets, especially students are addicted to games and different social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp. During your regular school/college days it’s ok but then this is the time you get addicted to these media and can’t be away from them during exam time.

Country like India where Cricket is another Religion, people leave everything else and watch cricket matches like world cup, T20, IPL which are mostly scheduled during exams. It’s very difficult to focus on studies during match time, especially when  your country is playing.
Some Tips for avoiding distractions while studying :

  • Don’t look at your mobile after every 2 minutes checking facebook/whatsapp notifications. Better switch off your mobile & TV when you are studying. If you cannot control yourself then better give your mobile to somebody for study time and take it back in break time.  So that there will not be any disturbances during studies.
  • cricket--621x414Cricket matches !! I don’t understand why? but every year in India, we have good cricket tournaments which are arranged during exam time. Most of the boys are cricket fans and follow these matches very closely. It’s good that now they moved to 20-20 instead of 5 days test cricket. Some students get excited every time when they hear about some big shots (4/6) or wickets and run to watch replay on TV. While you are studying but your mind is still on the cricket pitch. SO it’s better to  switch off TV during study time,, if you can’t switch off due to other family members then sit somewhere where you will not hear TV noise. If there is no such place then use head phones and play instrumental/soft music to override TV noise. If you are very keen about that match then use your break time to watch TV. Better idea is just watch last 15 minutes of match which is normally a climax to enjoy. Instead of running to TV after every 5 minutes, better watch complete match but in that case study whole day. You can use this as a carrot for your self-motivation. Promise your self that if you complete this topic or this much of syllabus then you will be watching complete match. Another idea is to decide percentage, like : to watch X minutes of match you need to complete X pages/topics. Or other way round, decide how much time you can watch match depending on how much you studied that day and how much is remaining before exam.exam time
  • Don’t study continuously for 4-5 hours. Take small breaks after long study hours. For example, if you are studying for 10 hours in a day then make some pattern like 2 hrs study then 15 min break. During break time, You decide whether you want to watch TV or mobile(Facebook or whatsapp). DO whatever you like but in restricted time.
  • Avoid online chatting with friends as it’s difficult to stop. Avoid making any controversial comment that will lead to further debate/arguments and waste ur more time. Avoid harsh comment that will hurt somebody. Also avoid getting into any emotional issues. Sometimes during chat we say something and other person take it in different way, which again needs more time to clear their misunderstanding. Anyways, Don’t extend your break time for any reason, if you do so then reduce your next break time.
  • During break time Avoid playing games on mobile or computer which will further strain your eyes.
    Instead indulge yourself into real games/sports like swimming, badminton, etc… Due to physical activities, You will burn some calories and keep your body healthy. But keep some time restrictions, say 20 to 30 mins a day. Also avoid risky games and sunny time ( outdoor sports). Make sure that You should not get exhausted or out of energy after game. No need of heavy Gym activities, power Yoga is enough.
  • Don’t watch TV, or use facebook/whatsapp when you are tired or stressed out due to studies. You will strain your eyes and brain more. Better have power nap(sleep for 15-20 min.) and get ready for next session. You will find yourself more fresh and recharged for next study session.
  • You can use digital media constructively like watching technical/study related videos on Youtube without getting distracted to other non study related videos. You can have study related chats with teacher or scholar friend for solving your doubts. Instead of online chatting, it’s better to post your doubt on technical forums and check other’s response after some time. This will save your time.
    Those who don’t understand how to study? can read my another blog post “How to study ?

    Write in comments, what are your distractions for studies? I will try to help you to overcome it.
    Also share your ideas which you use to overcome these distractions during studies.


It’s High time to realize START Studying ….NOW

Look at the following Pune university’s April 2015 TY BSc. (computer Science) Result
ty2015 result

Only 43% PASS, which means 57% students FAILED.

Is it Shocking to YOU ??

Every year final year results are similar and it’s not shocking to me as I am observing this from last so many years.

Why such low percentage?

It mainly happens because in all earlier years(FY, SY) University gives you facility of ATKT(allowed to keep term). Most of the students use this facility and move to next year with backlogs. But this doesn’t happens in last semester. It’s trap, most of the student’s get habitual of ATKT and they are finally trapped in last exam where there is no ATKT. After final year, even if U have single backlog it will lead to YD (year down).
Student’s don’t realize difference between Final year 1st semester and 2nd semester. You get equal time in both semesters but last semester has double load with increased hurdles. In final year 1st sem, U have only theory exam of 300 marks (6subj x 50marks) and no practical exam. Whereas in 2nd sem, U have 300 marks theory exam + 300 marks practical exam. Which explains U double load.
In last sem, U have all practical assignment submission + Project submission + Graphics mini project (added from this year) + Practical exam+ internal exam in college + University final theory exam……. so much load to complete in just 3 months. Actually speaking this itself is overload for students (those typically have backlogs) as compared to 1st semester and on the top of it there is college gathering, sports, days celebration, trips in 2nd semester which consumes ur lot of time. Plus there will be cricket matches (world cup or IPL) to distract you.  Most of the students(especially backlog students) get distracted to all these time pass activities.
They only realize this in Feb, when time has already gone. As compared to other months of year, Feb has less days 😦
Practical exam will start in March 1st week and will go on till 15-20 march. Theory exam will be roughly in April 1st week, so U hardly have a gap between practical and theory exam to study. Believe me, U will be dam busy in Feb as U will be having all submissions ( practical assignments and 2 projects) and your internal exam.  So, now tell me ?
When is the time for STUDY ???
When r U going to practice programs for Practical exam ( Syspro, OS , Java  Sem1 &2, PHP sem1 &2 + CG). More than 100 programs to practice.
I m frustrated today, it’s 21st January and students are still enjoying n busy in celebrating their college days n playing matches. It’s already too late….. just count number of days remaining and load U have to study.
Ideally right now, U should be studying 2 hrs every day(theory) and practising 4 programs a day.

Who can still afford to enjoy? only those students who clearly knows that they CAN NOT complete their Graduation in this April exam and need one more attempt for backlog exam(October). Then it’s ok !! U can Enjoy ur college days to fullest ( as they will never come back) and study next year.  All such students can refer to my other blog posts (after your results) dedicated to those Final year failed students (57%),  explaining how they can best utilize their year down time.
So before U get shock in June, better start studying… NOW

Hope this weak U up !!

start sudying

FYI : I went to Switzerland for my hooneymoon, will You be going ?

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